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  • New Members Class Ministry

    New Members Class Ministry

    New Members Class Ministry eaches what it means to be a new believer in Christ. It also encourages each new member to identify and develop their spiritual gifts and become a member in full connection.
    New Members: Jill Richardson
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  • Assimilation / Barnabas Ministry

    Assimilation/ Barnabas Ministry encourages new converts who have decided to join our church family. Barnabas Partners assist them as they begin their journey with Christ and our church. Assimilation Partners seek to reconnect with those members who haven’t been in touch with the church for a long time.
    Assimilation & Barnabas: Alecia Mickie
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  • Greater Centennial Community Bible School

    Greater Centennial Community Bible School

    The Community Bible School is a full-day summer program for 5 weeks in July and August. The school has a vision of spiritually equipping our children and youth to cope with the challenges of growing up through: Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, Teamwork, Christian Fellowship, Recreational Activities and Field Trips.
  • S.T.E.P.S. (Small Group Ministry)

    S.T.E.P.S. Ministry is our small group ministry where we study together, equipped to prosper spiritually. In the weekly sessions we discuss biblical principles and life issues, and tools are given on how to practically carry out spiritual principles in everyday life. The groups also share in community service and fellowship events.
    David Bradley
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  • Noon Day Bible Study

    Every Wednesday at noon, students of the Bible gather together in the sanctuary to be taught about God's plan for our lives. This Bible Study is open to everyone and welcomes all to attend.
    Rev. Dominique Lester

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